As a native of the Northern Hemisphere, I spent a lot of time in the Swedish forest growing up; picking lingonberries, making bark boats, counting woodpeckers, building tree houses. Inspired by nature and animals, I love spending time in the wilderness. That's were most of my works are created, or at least born.

With my background in graphic design and my foreground in tactile works, I enjoy spending time on my own but working in team is key to success. CC is my nickname and also the way I answer questions—yes yes! Mixed up with my time spent in Oz, my motto in life is no worries, or hakuna matata, proving my love to The Lion King and animals within.

All my interests tend to become hobbies, and boy, do I have many. May it be knitting, snowboarding, or running, they all seem to connect me to the outdoors. When I'm old and successful you will find me in a little cottage house deep down in the woods, that's where I belong. Until then, I'm urban.