IKEA’s Billy is the most sold bookcase in the world. It is produced at the Gyllensvaan Furniture Factory, located on the Swedish countryside in the small village of Kättilstorp. In the never ending register of IKEA suppliers, Billy has production number one. Every week 70 000 Billys are born. Think about that number for a second, and then keep in mind Kättilstorp has 250 inhabitants. About 200 of them work in the furniture factory.

With this promotional IKEA catalogue, I wanted to tell the story about Billy the bookcase, and the father of Billy, the creator of the case (who’s actual name is Gillis Lundgren). My friend Cecilia Magnusson had her dear grandpa photographed as father Billy, and I created still life photo-graphs complementing the story. It all ended up in a colorful book about his relationship to the bookcase.

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